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Flash Point Esports


chief business officer

As the Chief Business Officer I am responsible for the implementation of strategy for the company and overseeing all operational aspects, as well as to ensuring the fulfillment of all legal aspects related to the quality, environment and security requirements of the organisation, including representing the brand. I represent the company as required, including attendance of important functions, industry events and public meetings. I ensure that all obligations and commitments undertaken in the various agreements entered by the company are being monitored and managed at all times, including but not limited to the management, motivation and development of employees. I reach out to potential endemic and non-endemic partners across marketing, in-game integration, and live events from the very first pitch to closing a deal to establish meaningful relationships which best benefit the organisation. I meet with existing sponsors and partners to to design, develop, launch, and sell merchandise for promotional and content strategies whilst also working closely and collaboratively with multiple departments both internally and externally to drive social media impressions whilst also being able to analyse the data to direct future campaigns.

Gran Skrea


Game Designer

I'm responsible for the environment of a game level, as well as all of the assets and characters that inhabit it. In the conceptual stage, I will imagines a chapter in the overarching storyline of the game. I must then determine where this chapter will take place, what characters and objects the player will encounter and what the objectives of the level will be. These initial ideas are brought to the table at design meetings with level artists, character artists, programmers and other staff, where revisions are made and new ideas integrated. I will then draw up design documentation that details a complete list of required assets, explains objectives and environment.

HackLab Ltd


curriculum developer

As a Curriculum Developer, I alongside with Mark Calleja created exciting courses for children to come and experience. The first course I wrote was "How to Create a Game in UDK" where the children we given a similar task to that of my University Assignment, they had to create a game from scratch with a small team. The course was run very well and went smoothly with only minor hiccups.



Freelance Designer

Graphic Design, Branding, Motion Design and everything inbetween. I have been working as a self-made freelance designer for over 10 years collaborating with some of the biggest names on Youtube, Twitch and Esports.



Freelance Editor

Video Editing, Video Promotion and everything inbetween. I have been working as a self-made freelance editor for over 10 years collaborating with some of the biggest names on Youtube, Twitch and Esports.



Tim Foley


Davis Edwards


Choi Yoon-Seop

Gross Gore

Ali Larsen


Rabia Yazbek


Brian Wyllie


Jesper Terkildsen